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Meet Seymour the Mouse; Gabby, Uncle Pauley, Noodles; Patch the Frog and My Donkey…They are all storybook characters created by Children’s Author Jane Matyger of JEM  You can read all about their special adventures in Seymour’s Christmas Wish, The Spaghetti Is Missing, Just a Frog Named Patch, and Come To My Donkey’s Party.  All  four books are available for purchase through and Barnes and    

New Book Coming Soon!

“A New Friend for Ellie”

Mirror Publishing

Patch the Frog & his family...

Uncle Pauley, Noodles and Gabby...

I live at the North Pole with Santa and Rudolph.  Shhh…  I have a secret wish that I hope comes true this Christmas Eve...

Seymour the Mouse



Barnes & Noble

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Check it out!!!!

The Spaghetti is Missing

Five Star Review!!!

Foreword Clarion Book Review

It’s my birthday and all of my barnyard friends are coming to my party.  Can you come too?  There will be lots of food to eat and games to play...

Come to My Donkey’s Party